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Chapter 1

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Ted Petit

Chapter 1 Intro to Neuropsychology The 10 Myththere is no evidence to suggest that there is any part of our brain that we do not use experiments done on animals were they could still perform basic functions with 90 of their brain removed was over generalized to humansWilliam JamesEinsteinall quoted saying same type of things What is Neuropsychologypsychology is the study of behaviour describe explain and predict behneuropsychology is a specialty within the larger field of psychology o is the study of the relation between beaviour and the activity of the brain assumes behin part the result o the activity in the brainclinical neuropsychologist the branch of neuopsychology concerned with psychological assessment managemtn and rehabilitation o neurological disease and injury experimental neuropsychology focuses on how human beh arises from brain activity explaining patterns of impairments in terms of disruptions to the damaged neural components aka cogn neuropsychologyneuroscience Heart Mind Brain The early History of neuropsychologywhy study historyinsight into the development of the science and info about what is let to discover AND illustrates theof times researchers were wrong about brainbeh relationships Empedoclesthe heart is the source of human beh cardiac hypothesis Aristotle came to the same conclsoin for diff reasonso heart warmactive so source of thoughtsensation braincooled bloodHippocratesGalensaid the brain is responsipble for these functions cephalocentricbrain hypothesismany remnants of the of cardiac hypothesis in popular culturevalentinesbroken heartearly homonidsbegan to notice that damage to the brain cold disable or case deathtrephination Egyptian writings 5000 yrs agobrains damage symptomso shows understanding importance of brain in beh and disease states mind was often seen separate from the brain brain was not seen as involved in higher order functioningpassive interpreter of signals MindBody ProblemDescratesreflexive theory of the control of behthe flow of animals spirits through valvules within nervous tissue filamentso external stimulimove skinmove filamentsreleasing animal spirits and innervating the musclesoaccounted for involuntary but not involuntary beh
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