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Chapter 14

Notes from Chapter 14

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Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 14: Emotion, Reward, Aggression and Stress - Emotion o Has a physical sensation(rapid heartbeat) and a subjective feeling(feeling scared) - Evolution of Emotion o General Arousal( when the brain realizes that an action must occur, emotions provide an arousal that triggers a response) o Emotions manage our approach and withdrawal behaviours relative to particular environmental stimuli o Helping our communication Non verbal communication(facial expression and body language) - Expression and recognition of emotion o Controlling facial Expression Great attention is placed on the face, more specifically on the eyes. An infant who is incapable of verbally communicating likes to gaze into a persons face instead of other visual stimuli Movement of the face is controlled by two cranial nerves: Facial Nerve: controls the superficial muscles attached to the skin and primarily responsible for facial expressions o Has 5 major branches, each serves a different part of the face; o Originate in the two facial nuclei, which dont communicate with each other, that receive info from primary motor cortex located in pre-central gyrus Trigeminal Nerve: controls the deeper facial muscles attached to the bones of the head that are responsible for chewing food and speaking www.notesolution.com
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