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Chapter 2

PSYB64 Chapter 2 Key Terms

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PSYB64 Chapter 2 Key Terms: Abducens Nerve (VI) – a cranial nerve that controls the muscles of the eye Afferent Nerve – a nerve that carries sensory information to the CNS Amygdala – an almond-shaped structure in the rostral temporal lobes that is part of the limbic system Anterior – a directional term meaning towards the head of a 4-legged animal Anteriror Commissure – a small bundle of axons that connects structures in the right and left cerebral hemispheres Arachnoid Layer – the middle layer of the meninges covering the CNS Association Cortex – areas of the cortex that link and integrate sensory and motor information Auditory Nerve (VIII) – the cranial nerve that carries info from inner ear to the brain Autonomic Nervous System – the division of the PNS that directs the activity of the glands, organs, and smooth muscles of the body Axial Section – an anatomical section that divides the brain from top to bottom Basal Ganglia – a collection of nuclei within the cerebral hemispheres that participate in the control of movement Biofeedback – a set of techniques that enable people to control typically unconscious or involuntary functions such as blood pressure Brainstem – the lower two thirds of the brain, including the hindbrain and midbrain Broca’s Area – an area near the primary motor cortex in the frontal lobe that participates in speech production Carotid Artery – one of the two major blood vessels that travel up the sides of the neck to supply the brain Caudal – a directional term meaning towards the tail of a 4-legged animal Caudate Nucleus – one of the major nuclei that make up the basal ganglia Central Canal – the small midline channel in the spinal cord that contains CSF Central Nervous System – the brain and the spinal cord Central Sulcus – the fissure separating the frontal and parietal lobes of the cerebral cortex Cerebellum – a structure located in the metencephalon that participates in balance, muscle tone, muscle coordination, some types of leaning, and possibly higher cognitive functions in humans Cerebral Aqueduct – the small channel running along the midline of the midbrain that connects the third and fourth ventricles Cerebral Hemispheres – two large globular structures that make up the telencephalon of the forebrain Cerebrospinal Fluid – special plasmalike fluid circulating within the ventricles of the brain, the central canal of the spinal cord, and the subarachnoid space Cervical Nerve – one of the first eight spinal nerves that serve the area of the head, neck, and arms Chordates – the phylum of animals that possess true brains and spinal cords; aka vertebrates Choroid Plexus – the lining of the ventricles, which secretes the CSF Cingulate Cortex – a segment of older cortex just dorsal to the corpus callosum that is part of the limbic system Coccygeal Nerve – the most caudal of the spinal nerves Cochlear Nucleus – a nucleus found in the pons that receives information about sound from the inner ear Contralateral – a directional term referring to structures on opposite sides of a midline Coronal Section – an anatomical section dividing the brain front to back, parallel to the face. Also known as a frontal section Corpus Callosum – a wide band of axons connecting the right and left cerebral hemispheres Cranial Nerves – twelve pairs of nerves that exit the brain as part of the PNS Diencephalon – a division of the forebrain made up of the hypothalamus and the thalamus Distal – a directional term meaning farther away from another structure, usually in reference to limbs Dorsal/Superior – a directional term meaning towards the
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