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Chapter 6

PSYB65 Chapter 6 Detailed chapter notes

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Ted Petit

Chapter 6 Sensation and Perception VisionModule 61 Organization of Sensory SystemsThree main types of sensory cortex 1Primary Sensory Cortexfirst part of the cortex that receives information relayed from the senses through the thalamus Of the visual cortical areas has the most direct access to the information provided by the sensory systems 2Secondary Sensory Cortex Receives much of its information from the primary sensory cortexIs highly interconnectedreceives information from other areas of the secondary sensory cortex Sends information to association cortex 3Association CortexAny area of the cortex that receives information from more than one senseManner with which information is received and disbursed through the three cortical areas suggests that sensory systems can be categorized into three organizing principles 1Sensory systems are characterized by hierarchical organization2Each level of the organization contains functionally distinct cortical areas3The processing of sensory information occurs in parallel throughout the cortexHierarchical OrganizationAt the level of the eye there are large number of specialized receptors that have one function to transform light into signals that are meaningful in the nervous systemAt the level of the association cortex job is more complexto integrate information from a number of sensory systems into a perception of the outside world As we move from the lowest to the highest level of sensory systems the neurons changes from having simple onoff sensory functions to those that respond optimally to stimuli of greater complexity and specificityDeficits that arise when the various levels are damaged are informative as to the function of each of the levels Segregation by FunctionWithin each of the three levels of the sensory cortex there are specific areas that are involved in processing specific aspects of the same sensory stimulusProcessing of Information is ParallelInformation is transmitted throughout the sensory system in paralleleach level receives some information from the level immediately below it and some information from levels below that When information is processed in parallel through multiple pathways information flows through the levels of the sensory system rapidly and decreases the reliance of the system on any one level of processing Areas of sensory systems are very interconnected with each other both within and between levels 1
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