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Chapter 3

PSYB65-Chapter 3 Notes

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Ted Petit

Chapter 3 The Scientific Method N Empirical method o Method used to gather info i.e. standardized tests or measurements with a high level of objectivity N Replication o Replication of results to make sure initial observations not fluke o Ensures generalizability N Control o Manipulate something to see its effects N Confounding variable o Unwanted variable that may affect the outcome of the study Leads researcher to make false conclusions N Hypothesis o Prediction o Formed as a statement that can be rejected N Independent variable o Researcher manipulates it i.e. time of day N Dependent variable o Response or behaviour that is measured i.e. test score N Since it is difficult for neuropsychology to use the scientific method because it would impossible and unethical in may situations, it uses o Converging operations Method of research where a common conclusion is reached by examining a number of studies that approach the question from a variety of diff. perspectives If there is a consensus in results, can be confident about the generalizability www.notesolution.com
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