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Chapter 12

PSYB65-Chapter 12 Notes

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Ted Petit

Chapter 12- Humans, Human Brains and Evolution Evolution of Humans N Evolutionary psychology o an approach to studying psychology where the principles of evolution is used to explain human behaviour o relatively new field and not so widely accepted N 3 concepts that helped Darwin and Wallace come up with the historical theory of evolutionary (some changes to the theory occurred since then) o 1. Classification of organisms (Linnaeus) o 2. Lyell and Smith-geologists. Strata moves from primitive to less primitive o 3. Malthus-food supplies affect populations N Historical theory of evolution o Theory of evolution summarized by 3 terms Variation (we vary in height) Inheritance (the height we are was passed from parents) Differential reproduction (if environment changed in favour of short ppl, more short ppl would result) N The driving mechanism behind these changes=natural selection o Trait that give advantage will result in magnification in population N Adaptation o When a trait results in a reproductive advantage and is selected for o Must be inherited from one generation to the next o ]L[Z^Z]o]Z_Z} }oL}o]L behavior i.e. why do peacocks have big, bright feathers if Z[oo2Z}LM Proposed another type of selection: Sexual selection www.notesolution.com
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