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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Neural Development and Developmental Disorder

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Ted Petit

Chapter 13Neural Development and Developmental DisorderModule 131 Neural DevelopmentEarly Developmentcells that are on dorsal to surface of embryo whichEarly in embryonic life 3 weeks the neural platebecomes NS forms form the ectoderm of the embryoCells of dorsal ectoderm in neural plate are stem cells that are pluripotent have potential to develop into different types of NS cellsAs development progresses neural plate starts to form a grove which by day 24 becomesneural tube different sections of neural tube becomes different parts of NS th During 35 month of gestation rapid cell proliferation and neural migration are dominant events The cells wI ventricular zone are rapidly dividing process called proliferationBy day 40 there are 3 prominent bumps on anterior portion of neural tubeFOREBRAIN MIDBRAIN and HINDBRAIN of CNS nd In 2 month of gestation Telencephalon undergoes tremendous growth developing form cortical plateOnce neurons migrate they begin to grow axons and dendrites and to differentiate into their final formProblems with any phase of development can lead to significant abnormalities in the CNSTiming of Developmental Events and Malformation of CNS Associated w Disruptions of Development Embryonic Day Developmental Events Malformation Symptom 18 Neural groove appears Cranioarchischisis Brian and SC are not anecephaly covered by skeleton or skin 2223 Neural groove starts to Hydrocephalus Enlargement of ventricles form into tube 2426 Anterior neural tube Ancephaly Absence of vertebral starts to close hemispheres diencephalon and midbrain 2628 Posterior neural tube Spina Bifida Multiple and variable starts to close generally a failure of parts of the CNS to be enclosed 32 Vascular circulation is Microencephaly Small cranium with poor forming CNS development low IQ 3335 Telencephalon splits to Holoprosencephaly Cortex develops as single make 2 hemispheres hemisphere 70100 Corpus callosum begins Agenesis of corpus Absence or malformation formationcallosum of corpus callosum 70100 Neuronal migration MigrationProliferation Abnormal gyral patterns synapse formation problems learning disabilities Effects of disruptions depend on nature duration and extent of disruptions1 common congenital malformation fo CNS occurs when neural tube fails to close occurring in about 11000 births Complete failure of closure of the neural tube is fatal resulting in a condition called cranioachischisis characterized by CNS appearing as a groove in the top of head and body
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