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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Detailed Textbook Notes

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Ted Petit

Chapter 9Textbook NotesEMOTIONWhat is EmotionEmotions often localized emotions to various internal organs such as the liverheartPlato headreason liverdesire and heartangerAristotledistinction between emotionspassions emotion occurred when intellect is engagedEmotional States2 componentsFEELINGcognitive experienceEMOTIONphysicalphysiological component changes in heart rate blood pressureBut humans have to monitor these changes in their bodies in relation to cognitive states in order to differentiate between physiological arousal that is characteristic of two different emotionsCognitivephysical aspects of emotional states processed in distinct neural circuits but these circuits work together to produce a perception of emotionProduceBehaviours both internalexternalMotor responsesverbal statements facial expressions and thoughts related to experiencesEmotional state of others affects us too we react emotionallyexperience feels toBasic Emotional StatesstDarwin1 to recognize the significance of emotional statesoccur innately in children and are not learnedBut he failed to look at crosscultural studies and did not suggest emotions are localized in brainEkmanFriesen Study 1971Cross cultural study on the universality of basic emotional statesfacial expressions involving the Fore tribeCould match phtoos of proper facial expressions to stories that induced a particular emotional state Could also make facial expressions similar to those of EuropeansReplicated in a variety of culturesConclusion there are universal basic emotions that occur in all humansEkmans Criteria for an emotional state to be basicDistinctive facial expressionDistinctive physiological stateFacial expressionsphysiological states that cooccurImmediate onset of facial expressionphysiological stateonly lasting for breif durationDistinctive eliciting stimuliAutomatic appraisal of eliciting stimuli snakeSimilar expressions of emotional states in the related primatesBut there is the problem of attributing emotions to nonlinguistic individuals because they cant confirm what theyre feelingStill some controversy as to which emotions fall under basicThe Adaptive Value of Emotional StatesThey must have some sort ofadaptive value rightWhat about emotional states triggered by phobiasEmotions that we feel nowadays are somehow related to what was important in our
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