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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Notes - Spatial Ability

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Ted Petit

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Chapter 10Spatial AbilityWhat is Spatial AbilityWhen we process the position direction or movement of objects or points in spacewe are using spatial ability2 Types of SpaceReal vs Imagined Space6 Components of Spatial AbilityTargetinghow wellyou can throw an object at targetSpacial Visualizationhow well you can imagine putting pieces togetherDisembeddinghow well you can make out an embedded figure in an imageSpacial Location Memoryremembering location of objectsSpatial Orientationrecognizing different orientationsSpatial Perceptiondetermining horizontalvertical lines in the real worldHemispheric Representation of SpaceRight hemisphere dominance evidencepresentation in leftvisual fieldSpatial abilities require depth perception 2 types of depth perceptionLocal depth perceptionFocusing on features to figure out which is object is in front of the other and whats closer to youImpairment in this results in leftright hemisphere lesionsTHIS IS CONTROLLED BY LEFT HEMISPHERE Global depth perceptionUsing difference from the images that arrive at both eyes to determine depthRight hemisphere dominanceSpatial Orientation Use this all the time to distinguish between letters d and pTactile and visual assessmentright hemisphere But if you ask patient verbally to describeleft hemisphere Moving ObjectsMotion detectionright hemisphere occipital temporalparietalMental rotationright hemisphere SO WHAT DOES THE RIGHT HEMISPHERE CONTROLMotion detectionMental rotationSpatial Orientation Only if assessment used is tactilevisual and NOT verbalGlobal depth perception Parietal LobeVisual System has two streamsVentral Visual Stream Whatidentifies objectsDorsal Visual StreamHow motor movements should be performed involves localizing objects in space
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