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PSYB65 Ch 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

PSYB65 Ch 1Neuropsychology the study of the relation btwn bhvr and the activity of the brain Attempts to describe explain predict and change bhvr2 Main Types of Neuropsychologya Clinical neuropsychology concerned w psychological assessment management and rehabilitation of neurological disease and injuryb Experimental neuropsychologycognitive neuropsychologycognitive neuroscience focuses on how human bhvr arises f brain activityEg explaining how patterns of bhvral impairments can be explained in terms of disruptions to the damaged neural components Cardiaccardiocentric hypothesis the belief that the 3 was the source of human bhvr cognitive and emotional functionSupported by philosophers Aristotle and Empedocles Cephalocentricbrain hypothesis the belief that the brain is the center for bhvr Supported by Galen and Hippocrates Trephination surgically opening the skull as a means of treatment although this form of treatment was practiced in ancient times it still has a following todayDescartes suggested the reflexive theory of the control of bhvr in which he described the flow of animal spirits through valvules within nervous tissue filaments the mindbody interaction Reflexive bhvr was the result of external stimuli moving the skin and in turn moving the filaments releasing the animal spirits and innervating the muscles Descartes believed that the pineal gland was where the body and soul interacted to
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