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PSYB65 Ch 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

PSYB65 Ch 5 The Sensorimotor SystemAccurate movements depend on our ability to monitor the position and placement of our body and its parts which relies on somatosensory feedback info thats obtained f the sensory network that monitors the bodys surface and its movements the system includes joints muscles tendons and skinOur brain organizes movement that utilizes a parallel and hierarchical system that relies on functional segregationif not our time would be spent programming out the sequences of movements rather than actually moving Anesthetic you getthe dentist works by its ability to block sodium channels in the trigeminal nerve cranial nerve V thus preventing them f opening Although aesthetic is good for stopping pain sensations its also stops all your somatic sensation f your mouth and nearby facethe somatosensory info that your skin joints and muscles provide ensures that your brain makes accurate movements and wo it you risk making inaccurate movements that increase your risk of biting your tongue Many of the adjustments that we make to our movements are guided by somatosensory feedback think of the former darts champion GO and his infected arms Many of the automatic adjustments that make to movements occur unconsciouslythese adjustments are made wo the involvement of higher cortical areas and are resistant to interference f higher cortical areas Much of the somatosensory info that we receive about the world comes f sensory receptors in the skin we can feel lots of diff sensations like vibration pressure pain and touchThe types of receptors are grouped into three types of somatic info1 Nociception sensations of pain and temp2 Hapsis sensations of fine touch and pressure 3 Proprioception awareness of the body and its position in spaceRegardless of function most of the sensory receptors in the skin are mechanoreceptors which react to distortion such as bending or stretching there are also mechanoreceptors that wrap around the hairs of our body Although not much is known about how these mechanosensitive ion channels work the axons that contain these ions channels are primary afferent axons that enter the spinal cord through the dorsal roots The cell bodies of the primary afferent axons reside in the dorsal root ganglia of the spinal cordThe spinal cord is organized into dorsal and ventral root ganglia the dorsal root ganglia are somatosensory nodules on dorsal roots that contain afferent spinal nerve neuron cell bodies and the ventral root ganglia motor nodules on ventral roots that contain efferent spinal nerve neuron cell bodiesThere are 30 pairs of spinal nerves each of which is made up of dorsal and ventral roots that exit the spinal cord through the vertebrae of the spineThe spinal segments can be divided into four groups cervical thoracic lumbar and sacral Dermatomes diff areas of the skin that are affected differently by each of the 30 dorsal roots of the spinal cord
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