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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Ted Petit

Chapter 7MemoryTYPES OF MEMORIESWhat is MemoryMany contradictory features of memory therefore its not a unitary phenomenonpermanenterasable limitedunlimited capacity consciousunconscious duration of a few secondlifetimeIndeed there is the existence of multiple memory systems to account for these apparent discrepancies in how we describe memoryMemory must be defined in terms of learningLearning a relatively permanent change in behaviour as a function of experiencetypically demonstrated by having an organism demonstrate a change in behaviour as a result of experience or showing that the organism recalls or remembers these experienceschanges its behaviour accordinglyLearningMemoryexperiencedependent behaviourStudies of learningmemory are inferentialwe observe behaviour and INFER that its a result of learning and rememberingDistinctionLearning involves attending to the information encoding and storing it for later use consolidationMemory is concerned with retrieving the info from where it was stored retrieval in the brainEncodingconsolidationretrievalImpairment in encoding consolidation or retrievalimpairment in function an
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