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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Neuropsychology

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Neuropsychology Module 11 Introduction to NeuropsychologyThe 10 Myth Animals could perform basic functions even after destroying 90 of brain y However there is no part of the brain that does not have some function yWhat is Neuropsychology Psychology attempt to describe explain and predict behaviour Neuropsychology study relation between behaviour and the activity of the brain assume behaviour is in part the result of activity in the brain Clinical neuropsychology concerned with psychological assessment management and rehabilitation of neurological disease and injuryExperimental neuropsychologycognitive neuropsychologycognitive neuroscience how human behaviour arises from brain activity also how impairments can be described by damaged partsHear Mind and Brain The Early History of NeuropsychologyEmpedocles 495435 BCmatter composed of 4 elements heart is source of behaviour Cardiaccardiocentric hypothesis heart is source of behaviour is referred to in common culture ex Valentines day boiling blood etc Aristotle 384322 BCcame to same conclusion as heart is warm thought brain cooled bloodHippocrates 430350 BCbrain hypothesis Galen AD 129199 brain hypothesis also thought ventricles play role in cognition Cephalocentric hypothesisbrain hypothesis brain responsible for behaviour Magnus 13th c and Vesalius 16th cinvestigated and corrected hippocrates and galens errors7000 years ago did surgery on brain survivedTrephination surgically opening the brain for treatment Egyptians 5000 years ago documented symptoms of brain damageThe MindBody Problems Rene Descartes 15961650 reflexive theory where flow of animal spirits through valvules in nervous tissue filaments controls behaviour o Believed mechanistic body with rational decision making soul in pineal body bc only one and as surrounded by csf Cerebrospinal fluid clear fluid that supports and cleanses the brainLots of analogies over time between brain and technology Ex Hydraulics switchboards 1940s50s ysupercomputersHowever brain is variable and plastic unlike technology which remains the same y Dualism Descartes mind and body are separate but interacting entities yo How do they interact casual parallel no interaction mind affect body body not affect mindMonism mind and body are unitary y Module 12 The Recent History of Neurophysiology Have learned more about brain since 1990 than all time before yCataloguing the Effects of LesionsLegallois 17701840 lesioning in medulla stops breathing
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