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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Humans, Human Brains and Evolution

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Chapter 12 Humans Human Brains and Evolution Module 121 Evolution of Humans1959 Darwin On the Origin of Species fundamental paradigm shifty Evolutionary psychology apply principles of adaptation and selection to human behavioury Evolutionary TheoryCharles Darwin Beagle to Galapagos and Alfred Russel Wallace amazon river basin and indonesia Former ideas o Linnaeus commanalities in structure among related species o Charles Lyell and William Smith earth is old and changing some species extinct some changed in predictable manner with strata of earth o Thomas Malthus food supply and competition Historical Theory of EvolutionVariance inheritance and differential reproduction y Natural selection underlies the changes requires that all individuals are unique and characteristics ythat give reproductive advantage result in magnification of trait in populationAdaptation when trait results in reproductive advantage is selected for must be inherited and ypassed onSexual selection Darwin the descent of man competition among individuals for reproduction ydetermine genes fate o Intersexual selection one sex chooses a mate from among members of other sex on basis of specific trait o Intrasexual selectio
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