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Chapter 2

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Ted Petit

Chapter 2NeuroanatomyMODULE Cells of the Nervous Systemhumansspecialized cells that perform specialized functionsneurons communicators and glia support cells are specialized cells of the nervous system structure and functionneuronsreact to stimuli and are the basis of beh Neurons and Glia Structure and Function Gross anatomy of the neuron shape of neuronrelated to its function receive conduct transmit signals3 main compents o dendritesreceives info from other neurons increases surface area available for the reception of signals form axons of other neurons info sent to the rest of the neuron as a electrical chargeextent of branching indicates of num of connections o soma cell bodycontains genetic machinery and most f the metabolic machinery needed for celluar functionso axonsends neural info to other neuronsinfo sender only one per neuroncan divide to increase num of synapses long thin fibercan send info to many cells simulataneouslycovered with insulation myelin y speeds rate of info transferensures msg get to end y end of a axon terminal buttono info sent from button across synapse to dendriteinfo sent across the axon to is in the form of neurotransmitter can b transformed into electrical message within the dendrite o synapsegap that axons pass info to dendrites across presynapticevents that occur in the axon postsynapticevents that occur in the dendriteInternal Anatomy of the Neuronneuron is covered w a membrane plasma membrane consists of bilayer of continuous sheets of phospholipids that separate the cytoplasm and the fluid enviro outside the cell proteinschannels that allow the passage of materials in and out of the cellorganellesnucleus genetic ribosomeendoplasmic reticulum synthesis mitochondria metabolicnucleusprocesses genetic info and contains all the genetic info needed to code proteins Structure and function of neuronsstructurally named neuronsuniplor bipolar multipolar most common o uniploarhave only one process emanating from the cell body neurons w noshort axonsinterneuronsintegrate info wi structurefunctionally can be classified by the types of signals they send
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