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Chapter 5

Chapter Five

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Ted Petit

PSYB65Chapter Five The Sensorimotor System 51 Somatosensory Feedback Somatosensory feedback information thats obtained from the sensory network that monitors the bodys surface and its movements the system includes joints muscles tendons and skin The somatosensory info thats provided ensures that your brain makes accurate movements Somatosensory ReceptorsVariety of different sensory receptors present in the skinGrouped into three types of somatic informationo Nociception sensations of pain and temperature o Hapsis sensations of fine touch and pressure o Proprioception awareness of the body and its position in spaceMost of the sensory receptors in the skin are mechanoreceptors o Mechanoreceptors sensory receptors in the skin with many functions including reacting to distortion and wrapping around the hairs that cover our bodiesThe spinal cord is organized into dorsal root ganglia somatosensory and ventral root ganglia motor o Dorsal root ganglia somatosensory nodules on dorsal roots that contain afferent spinal nerve neuron cell bodies theres one dorsal root ganglion for each of the thirty pairs of spinal nerves o Ventral root ganglia motor nodules on ventral roots that contain efferent spinal nerve neuron cell bodies theres one ventral root ganglion for each of the thirty pairs of spinal nervesSpinal segments can be divided into four groups on the basis of where the nerves originate o Cervical C 18 Thoracic T 112 Lumbar L 15 Sacral S 15 o Each of the thirty dorsal roots of the spinal cord innervates different areas of the skin referred to as dermatomes o When a dorsal root is cut the spinal cord can no longer obtain info from that nerve However in order to lose complete sensation in one dermatome you must cut three dorsal roots the one serving the dermatome and the ones above and below it Somatosensory Pathways in the BrainTwo main sensory pathways in the brain Named for their position in the spinal cord and the connections made the dorsal spinothalamic tract and the ventral spinothalamic tract o Dorsal spinothalamic tract sensory pathway in the brain thats responsible for transmitting information about hapsis and proprioception enters the spinal cord through the dorsal root ganglion and synapses ipsilaterally in the dorsal column nuclei of the spinal cord o Ventral spinothalamic tract sensory pathway in the brain thats responsible for transmitting nocioceptive information enters the spinal cord contralaterally to the
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