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Chapter 15

PSYB65 - Chapter 15 - Nov 22, 2010

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Chapter 15: Neuropsychological Assessment Module 15.1: Participants in a Neuropsychology Assessment - To primarily determine whether brain damage was present, which is sometimes called organicity. - Goals: Diagnose conditions that are not readily detectable by using neuroimaging (e.g. early detection of Alzheimers disease) Assess quality of life and to evaluate the clients capacity to succeed in hisher present environment (e.g. assessing whether the person will be able to return to work) THE CLIENT - Can be referred as a participant, patient, subject, or client. Clinical neuropsychologists refer to the people they assess as their clients. - There is no typical neuropsychological client. NEUROLOGIST RADIOLOGIST CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST Definition Diagnoses and treats Specialized training in Assess, manage, and disorders of the nervous obtaining and interpreting rehabilitate individuals who system, which includes images of human body are suffering from disorders of the CNS and andor treating conditions neurological disorders, PNS using radiological science regardless of cause Education Medical university training, Premedical training, Do not have medical training medical school in doctor medical training, and a Undergraduate degree, degree, and specialty residency in their Masters degree, and doctorate training in neurology specialty degree residency Internship program What - Trained to perform a - Review and interpret a - Behavioural testing for They Do detailed examination of scans result, and write patients the neurological a report detailing the structures throughout the findings for primary body (testing of relatively care physician basic sensory and motor neurologists functions, in some cases, testing of cognitive abilities) - Administer a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to obtain cerebrospinal fluid for further testing - Do not perform surgeries Suffering a brain injury medical treatment (by general physicianemergency room attendant) neurological examination results interpreted by radiologist, consults with neurologist www.notesolution.com
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