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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 text book notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

chapter eight - sexism sexism - negative attitudes, prejudice, or discrimination directed toward someone based on their gender bipolar assumption - individual has characteristics associated with either males or females, but not both Broverman - presented participants with a list of dichotomous trait items - inherent bias in the design of the questionnaire could lead participants to indicate opposite characterizations of men and women dualistic view - states that people can have some of both agentic and communal traits agentic traits - traditionally been associated with males and that indicate task orientation, assertiveness, and a striving for achievement communal traits - traditionally been associated with women, such as the desire to foster relationships, to be sensitive, and to get along with others Spence and Helmreich - Attitudes Toward Women Scale (ATWS) - name of scale is misleading; scale actually measures attitudes toward equal rights and roles and privileges for women religion - earliest and strongest influences on the perception of men versus women - people who are more devoutly religious are more likely to hold stereotypical gender role attitudes and those attitudes tend to reflect a benevolent sexism - women as inferior and subservient to men www.notesolution.com
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