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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 text book notes

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Michael Inzlicht

chapter ten - trends and unanswered questions in prejudice research Allon - an individual who is overweight violates the American ideal of self- denial and self-restraint overweight college students, particularly females, have more difficulty paying for college, because they are less likely to get financial help for college from their parents - parents discriminate against their own children, believing that their daughters weight is the result of poor self-control both heterosexual men and women hold negative attitudes toward gays and lesbians, the attitudes of HM toward gay males are significantly more negative and prejudicial than they are toward lesbians, and HW hold more prejudicial attitudes against lesbians half of all Americans believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle and that people choose to be homosexual - antigay attitudes and prejudice are more likely to be found in heterosexuals who perceive homosexuality as a violation of the conventional social order and traditional values ableism (handicapism) - prejudice against individuals who are physically challenged those with physical disabilities were rated much higher than those with mental disabilities control theory (feedback theory) - states that we constantly are comparing our behaviour to a standard, and our behaviour is regulated by a www.notesolution.com
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