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Chapter 4

PSYC12 Textbook chapter 4

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 4: The Prejudiced Personality: Are Some People More Likely to Feel Prejudice? PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVES - AUTHORITARIANISM Adorno: authoritarian personality Authoritarians: certain patterns of prejudice, childhood upbringing, and relationships with parents tended to be quite common. Specifically, authoritarians tended to group in homes in which the parents or guardians were strict disciplinarians, often using harsh discipline to keep the children from misbehaving and to punish them when they disobeyed the parents or guardians. More likely to adhere strictly to middle class traditions and values, and to think very rigidly. Submissive to authority Tended to hold prejudices against not just one group but many groups (anyone different) Hated deviant impulses and were also more likely to externalize these unacceptable impulses to others via projection. These unacceptable impulses are displaced to stereotyped groups. The authoritarian person does not believe they have these negative qualities, but these undesirable characteristics are attributed to various minority groups. Can also be found in some minority group members Believed it was based on a constellation of nine related traits that were in fact very ill defined. - CHARACTER-CONDITIONED PREJUDICE Allport: such a personality is a strong contributor in developing prejudiced attitudes. Believed that the prejudiced personality emerged out of a crippled ego. Specifically, this individual feels threatened, insecure and fearful of virtually everything. In trying to overcome these insecurities, the person develops a prejudiced view of others as a way of projecting their fears a self doubt onto others. Suggested that people with a prejudiced personality tend to repress their fears and insecurities so that they can avoid facing their anxieties and shortcomings. This repression leads to the development of many of the same characteristics possessed by the authoritarian individual: ambivalence toward parents, moralist, a need for definiteness, and dichotomization (categorical, black or white thinking) - PROBLEMS WITH THE PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACH 1 www.notesolution.com
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