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Chapter 7


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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12WINTER 2013 Chapter 7 Stereotype Threat SpilloverThe Short and Long Term Effects of Coping with Threats to Social Identity A Stress and Coping Model of Stereotype Threat SpilloverFigure 71 Page 109 presents a model detailing the social psychological process whereby someone confronted with a negative stereotype comes to sufferer short and long term effects in areas unrelated to the source of that an experience we call stereotype threat spillover Individual DifferencesCues in the EnvironmentUncertainty and VigilanceIdentity Threat Appraisal o NoIdentity Safety o YesIdentity ThreatInvoluntary Stress ResponseLong Term ConsequencesVoluntary Coping ResponseEgo DepletionShort Term and Long Term ConsequencesModel is based on identity threat models of stigma process models of stereotype threat and theories of stress and coping Environmentso Can be threatening settings where people come to suspect that they could be devalued stigmatized or discriminated against because of a particular social identityStigma consciousness group based sensitivity o These individuals are vigilant for cues signaling that why are being viewed stereotypically and are therefore more likely to appraise situations as threatening SelfIdentification with Social Group o The extent to which people regard their devalued identity as a central part of themselves and how st
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