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Chapter 1

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Michael Inzlicht

Stereotype Threat Chapter 1  In 21 century—lots of diversity in schools and workforce  Most countries embrace idea of basic human rights and egalitarian principles of equal opportunity extended to each and every member of that society  Increases in academic and economic opportunities should promise greater intergroup harmony—also elimination of group disparities in academic performance, career opportunities and levels of advancement o Not true! o Blacks and Latinos continue to trail whites in standardized measures of reading and mathematics at all age levels o This is even outside t he US—Black/White in Canada, Socioeconomic gaps in France, Christian/Muslim gaps in Netherlands, Ashkenazi/Sephardic gaps in Israel o Also a gender gap in math and science achievement and engagement  Narrow gender gap in standard measures—gap is large on SAT  Gap hasn’t disappeared even though women are better students overall  Women underrepresented in science, engineering and mathematics—but equal in medicine, business and law What causes the achievement gap?  Most explanations are either nature or nurture o Genetic explanations o Culture and socialization  The Bell Curve—claimed that the race gap in academic achievement due to biological differences that contribute to variation in IQ o Blacks and Latinos perform worse than whites because they are genetically endowed with inferior intelligence o Also use similar explanation for women in math and science o This is Nature  Nurture—racial, ethnic and religious minorities and women are products of socio-cultural environments that frustrate development of appropriate skills, values and motivation needed for success o Being raised in low-income family—related to race—means limited access to health care and nutrition o Cultural—Mothers are more likely to encourage sons than daughters to pursue math and science  Explanations share presumption that a majority of our population due to their race, gender, ethnic background—lack potential to achieve academic and career success  Share assumption that the evidence used is standardized tests of intelligence—and that that is a valid, indicator of a person’s true ability  Race differences still exist even if you control for socioeconomic status  Theory—even culturally fair and valid measures can still be subject to variables that systematically impair performance for some individuals and not others o Even if we match students on genetics, education, values—something in the situation itself (testing centre, laboratory, etc) holds marginalized people back Stereotype Threat  Stereotype Threat—a situational predicament in which individuals are at risk, by dint fo their actions or behaviours,
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