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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 PSYC12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 Chapter 8 Sexism Negative attitudes and behaviour toward someone on the basis of their genderoMost researchers use term to describe prejudice against women ST of women can sabotage of ST related taskoFor example if a prevalent ST about women is that theyre less able to understand mathscience they perform poorly relatively to menFound that when negative ST about mathscience abilities of women was made salient to women participants their performance suffered relatively to group of equally qualified menNote male and female participants were matched equally on their math abilityResearch shows gender ST are so well learned that they automatically influence our perceptions and judgements often without our conscious awareness of such bias Gender STWe learn from young thatoWomen are seen as polite gentle nurturing compassionate neat indecisive concerned with their appearance and quietAlso seen as concerned with fostering relationships with others nurturing and deference oMen tend to be aggressive independent nonemotional decisive confident rough blunt sloppy and loudWe see that men and women are seen as the complete opposite on virtually all of the traitscharacteristics listed hence the term opposite sexStudies found that despite great economic and social gains women have made it toward more equal status over the last quarter century peoples views of women tend to be shaped by traditional gender ST that persisted today E People given info about gender of target individual role behaviour or trait info and asked to indicate likelihood that target person had genderrelated characteristics oResults show gender ST are best conceptualized as set of components such as traits role behaviours occupations and physical appearance Making features of a component salient can lead the perceiver to think of other components of the gender ST Thus it was found that specific gender ST component info can outweigh influence of gender in evaluations of target oThus it appears that if people just know target is a manwomen they will draw on gender ST info in inferences about the target HOWEVER once perceiver knows more specific info about target compoents such as physical appearance traits the influence will be viewed according to the specific component infoFound that data indicates that while participants do use gender info in their evaluations of target influence of this information is weakoThe reason for this weak influence of gender is that participants prefer to use specific case info in their assessments of a target rather than simple gender category infoMeasurement of Gender STST about men and women suggest that people have different ideas about behaviour and personality traits of men and womenNotion that theyre so diametrically opposite represents bipolar assumption among both researchers and the public oAssumption states that a person is associated with either male or female but not both Bipolar assumption heavily characterized oLittle evidence found that men and women only have masculine or feminine traits but not both or that the presence of a number of supposedly masculine traits in an individual necessarily means that the individual cannot have a number of supposedly feminine traits Found that many people do possess traits associated with males and females oThus researchers moved to a dualistic view Suggests that people can have both agentic and communal traits Agentic traits are those that have traditionally have been associated for males that indicate task orientation assertiveness and a striving for achievement Communial traits or expressive traits are those that traditionally been associated with women eg desire to foster relationships to be sensitive and get along with others
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