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Michael Inzlicht

BodenhausenMacrae 1996PSYC12SelfRegulation of Intergroup Perception MechanismsConsequences of Stereotype SuppressionSources divergence of perception from realityStereotypingusing a set of social stimuli to make generalizations and other assumptions that positive or negative are greatly exaggerated untrue most of the time or completely in factualCognitive Miser Perspectiveuse of stereotypes promotes efficiency in coming to a conclusion with the least possible cognitive resources invested that typically may or may not be accurate but that is of secondary importance to that of reducing anxiety produced by not knowing and ambiguityPrimitive categoriessex race or ageStereotypic impressions may lead persons who are members of stereotyped groups to experience systematic disadvantages in important contexts such as legal decision making personnel selection etcThe WellIntentioned Cognitive MiserMental Dilemmas of Multicultural SocietiesEngaging in Stereotyping satisfies many needs and motivationsoSeeing and participating in the perpetuation of a negative stereotype of another social group it will make one feel better about ourselves because we will be then SUPERIORIncreased Self EsteemTajfelTurner 1986oJustify the social inequities faced by disadvantaged groups by seeing them negatively Jost Banji 1994 SidaniusPratto 1993oConserve Mental ResourcesMacrae MilneBodenhausen 1994 Cognitive MiserFiskeTaylor 1991oHuman tendency is to SATISFY rather than OPTIMIZEoEasier generic assumptions than spend time and effort getting a complete picture of someone oAccuracy will be favored and cognitive resources be used IF there is a motivational reason to do sooStereotyping and Classification leads to predictability and orderlinessSeveral criteria for determining whether a mental process can be characterized as automatic Bargh 1994oOccur without the perceivers conscious intent or awareness of themoWithout the perceivers ability to control them
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