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Michael Inzlicht

textbook study notes Ch 2 Childhood intergroup contact mere contact exposure those who come in contact with more diversity become less prejudicial because they learn about other races and arent ignorant towards them opening their minds decreasing negative thoughts contact thru friends is even enough if contact works its because it actually occurredValue transmission in families children can be influenced prejudicially by their parents even at a young age Without even knowing what prejudice is that can act In that way just by mimicking of modeling their parents So it is learned at an early agebut as they get older they get they know about prejudice however they get the choice to believe whether what their parents are telling them is true or not as mentioned before the more you look up to your parents the more their beliefs will be passed on to you and you will act in the way that they did if parents are unresponsive children are less likely to inherit their thoughts they didnt pay attention to me im not gonna be like themInfluence of stereotypes on cognition in children this is the notion of stereotype threat When children are aware that there is a stereotype out there about them they tend to make that stereotype true because of the pressure they are under Ex negative stereotypes may impeded activity but positive ones may enforce itStereotypes and prejudice in the media if you see stereotypes form parents or in the media it serves as some sort of social proof Ex blacks are violentthe media makes it seem like blacks are always the ones commiting the crimes and whites dont Social proof ex main actors are usually white models white cartoon white characters This shows whites as better than blacks so this media can influence the way others see whites in comparison to blacks Implicit theories this is our individual beliefs about the nature of personality and the behaviors attitudes and values associated with certain types of behaviors it is the ways we automatically think of the personality of certain people because of the groups they belong to entity theorist ones personality traits are fixed and cant be changed so they were less likely to use stereotypes imcremental theorists personality traits are flexibleThe efficiency of stereotypes quickness save energy needed for other cognitive tasks guidance
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