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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

P SY. O FP REJUDICE W INTER 2011-01-12 C HAPTER O NE Groups -Basic building blocks of society -Disadvant: mate retention and competition -Ingrp.: favour own grp., belong to -Outgrp.: do not favour, do not belong to -Minimal Grp.: grp. membership based on the most arbitrary criteria -Prejudice: negative feelings about other grps. -Stereotypes: beliefs that certain characteristics are associated with other grps. Stereotypes Lippmann: -Stereotypes describe tendency of people to think of someone or something in similar terms, having similar attributes and common features shared by each -Stereotypes tell us what social information is important -We disregard information that is inconsistent with our stereotypes Stereotypes: from bad to neutral Stereotypes: negative and lazy way of perceiving others Stereotypes: an outward indicator of irrational, nonanalytic cognition Stereotypes: exaggerated belief associated with a category Stereotypes: a normal psychological process The Social-Cog. Definition -Social cog. regard stereotypes as automatic process of categorization -Schema: cog. structure that represents knowledge about s concept or type of stimulus -Stereotypes: more specific and are subsumed within a schema -Ashmore and Boca: Stereotypes=a set of beliefs about the personal attributes of a grp. of people Cultural Stereotypes:shared or community wide patterns of beliefs Individual Stereotypes: beliefs held by an individual about the characteristics of a grp. -Cult. and Indiv. Stereotypes are not the same Attitude -a general evaluation of some object -3 components: beh., affect, and cog. -cog. portion of intergrp. attitude=stereotype -discrimination: negative beh directed toward an indiv. based on their membership in a grp. - Stereotype is not an attitude + vs. Stereotypes -Stereotypes not bad or good, just generalizations Defining Prejudice www.notesolution.com
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