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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 1: Introduction to The Study of Stereotyping and Prejudice PSYC12 INTRODUCTION THE STUDY OF STEROTYPING AND PREJUDICE Groups needed for survival, specialized and given power Innately, we prefer own group Ingroup: own group Outrgroups: groups we dont belong to Minimal group: arbitrary criteria for group o E.g. randomly assigned to group AB o Still favour own group Preference for own group can lead to prejudice, and intergroup conflict Prejudice: negative feelings about other groups. Biased eval of other group Stereotypes: thinking certain things are always true about a group Prejudice and stereotyping have been the basis for wars DEFINING STEREOTYPING Lippmanns Stereotype Coined by reporter Lippmann, called it: thinking of everyone as the same We have examples in our head, to simplify the world Stereotypes tell us what to see, and what to ignore o Thus confirming stereotypes Culture can det. our stereotypes Stereotyping: From Bad to Neutral Adorno saw stereotype as rigid thinking Early on, stereotypes were said to be lazy thinking, or morally wrong Later, removed judgment on stereotypes o E.g. Allport said stereotypes were exaggerated beliefs about a category www.notesolution.com
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