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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12Chapter 1Groups favour their ingroups which they belong over their outgroups which they dont belongMinimal grouprandomly assigned groupPrejudicea biased evaluation of a group based on real or imagined characteristics of the group membersStereotypebelieving that certain characteristics are associated with other groups o Lipmann used the word to describe the tendency of people to think of someone or something in similar terms based on a common feature shared by each o Stereotype is derived from the word describing a printing process in which fixed casts of material are reproducedSchemabroader cognitive structure that contain our knowledge of a stimulus our expectations for the motives or behaviour of the stimulus if a living being and our feelings toward the stimulus o Stereotype is much more specific and subsumed within a schema o Eg librarianschema they work with books they are there to help you locate books you feel positive because theyre helping you o Stereotype beliefthey have poor fashion senseCultural sterotypeshared or communitywide patterns of beliefsIndividual sterotypebeliefs held by an individual about characteristics of a groupAttitude three components behavioural affective and cognitive o Stereotype is the cognitive c
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