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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 4: The Prejudiced Personality: Are Some People More Likely to Feel Prejudice? PSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVES Authoritarianism - Adorno et al (1950) o Explained in psychodynamic terms o Personality structures flawed in such a way that they are conditioned to be especially likely to adopt prejudiced attitudes o Authoritarian personality; authoritarians certain patterns of prejudice, childhood upbringing and relationships with rents tend to be quite common authoritarians more likely to be submissive to authority to adhere strictly to mid-class traditions/values think very rigidly (no grey areas!) More findings They tended to hold prej against many groups Hate deviant impulses (i.e. fear, anger, sex) more likely to externalize these unacceptable impulses to others via projection o i.e. displaced to stereotyped grps dont feel they harbour neg attitudescharacteristics attributed o various min grps depen and hatred from rentsso channel toward min grps o Autho personality characteristics Can be found in some minority-grp members i.e. Jews who have high measure of antidemocratic values/attitudes o not only prej toward other groups, but more likely to be anti-Semitic o WHY the correlation?- not sure. result of child developing the author personality charc OR simply internalizing the rents values + ethnic attitudes? Character- Conditioned Prejudice - Allport (1954) o Added to Adorno Personality is a strong contributer in developing prejudiced attitudes o Also explained in psychodynamic terms o Believed that preju personality emerged out of a crippled ego Indiv feels threatened, insecure, fearful of everything! Also suggested these ppl repressed their fears and insecurities (to face shortcomings) This leads to many of the same charc as the authoritarian individual Ambivalence towards rents Moralism Need for definiteness Dichotomization (B&W thinking) Problems with the Psychodynamic Approach - 4 main reasons for decline of the psychodyn theory o 1. Researcher more critical of psychoanal approaches to personality i.e. Smith and Rosen found inverse correlation btw author person scores (f scale) and world-mindedness o WM concept = attitudes towards acceptance of ppl from other countries i.e. Martin and Westie prej may be due to intolerant personality o tended to be suspicious of politicians, intolerant of ambiguity, more superstitious.mystical.low score in compassion, trust etc. BOTH uncover the same findings as adorno, but do it without assuming the psychodynamic processes that were a causal force in the autho person creation o 2. Methodological/conceptual problems with notion of Authoritarian personality Using F scale (Facism), A-S scale (anti-Semit), E scale (ethnocent) Not worded properly o 3. Theory only explained the prejudice in a sm subset of the population what about the people who did not show author peronsality? Why was prejudice stronger in certain regions? o 4. Auth-person perspective suggest that there is little hope of changing an autho indiv to be more accepting of others They are introspective =dont believe they have anything to change RIGHT-WING AUTHORITARIANSIM - Adorno had 9 traits for the authoritarian o which were ill-defined - Altemeyer o Found little correlation/cover btw the 9 o BUT found 3 traits which seemed to show a strong relationship with ea other Attitudinal clusters Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) Authoritarian submission o Strong degree of submission to perceived legitimate authorities in ones society Authoritarian aggression o General aggression + hostility directed towards outgroups- viewed as acceptable by recognized authorities Conventionalism o Strong adherence to social norms and traditions that are perceived as sanctioned by recognized authorities - High RWA o Measured by Altemeyers RWA scale o tend to be conservative politically o wish to restrict personal freedoms o endorse notion of Bill of Rights
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