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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 7: Ageism PSYC12 Ageism: stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination based on age WHY AGEISM? (AND WHAT ABOUT OTHER -ISMS?) Bayboomers are largest spike in population, so is important to know what theyre like bc they have most influene Ageism has been neglected in social psych. Ageism is interesting bc there are neg. stereotypes about elderly (outgroup) but we will change from youth ingroup to the elderly as ingroup DOES AGEISM REALLY EXIST? Evidence is conflicted o bc we seem to have neg. general attitude towards elderly, but pos. attitude towards specific elderly ppl (e.g. grandparents) we have subcategory for older ppl o we have neg. stereotype for older ppl, but we keep subcategory of older ppl we know Brewer et al. found we have neg. superordinate cat. of older ppl and subcategories o When we first meet old person we use subcat., but when we dont have enough info to place someone in subcat, we put them in superordinate Schmidt and Boland found we have many subcategories for old ppl, most are negative We have neg. views of elderly as group and can have pos. subcat. for older ppl, but we have more neg. subcats. AGE STEREOTYPES: CONTENT AND USE Butlers 2 types of ageism: o Benign ageism: subtle prejudice, comes from fear of getting old More common o Malignant ageism: more overt, see older ppl as worthless More rare in modern times, like modern racism Ageism is one of most unnoticed and condoned forms of prejudice POSITIVE ATTITUDES AND POSITIVE STEREOTYPES www.notesolution.com
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