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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 1: Introduction to the study of stereotyping and prejudice Groups are the basic building blocks of society Ingroups: group members tend to favour their own groups over other groups to which they do not belong (outgroup) Prejudice: practical perspectives that form the basis for negative feelings about other groups Stereotypes: believing that certain characteristics are associated with other groups Schema: defined as cognitive structure that represents knowledge about a concept or type of stimulus, including its attributes and relations among those attributes Attitude: a general evaluation of some object Discrimination: any negative behaviour directed toward an individual based on their membership in a group Prejudice can be based on affective, cognitive, or behavioural sources and can result in cognitive, behavioural or affective expressions of prejudice Of cognitions that are attached to a specific emotion How we react to any given outgroup member depends on: o What self- category is salient for us at that moment o In what context the interaction occurs o How that person helps or hinders our movement toward salient personal or group goals at
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