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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 2: Origin and maintenance of Stereotypes and Prejudice p. 39 Prejudice: does not only mean negative affect directed toward an outgroup, can also refer to preference for or favouring of ones ingroups Benefit of stereotyping: help anticipate motives, attitudes, behaviours of others Stangor and McMillian, study, memory tends to be better for expectancy- incongruent than for expectancy-congruent information o Prone to remember expectancy or stereotype-consistent information o Own groups remember stereotype-inconsistent Sherman- stereotypes are efficient because they facilitate the processing of both stereotype- consistent and inconsistent information when cognitive capacity to process information is low Subcategories because stereotypes-inconsistent member of stereotypical group is seen as unrepresentative of whole group, stereotypes that apply to group dont appear to apply to particular group member o Enables one to think of oneself as not prejudice Illusory correlations: perceiving a relationship between variables that are only weakly correlated or not correlated at all o Can lead to formation and maintenance of stereotypes Stangor and Ford- people can be identified as either perceiving others in accuracy-oriented or expectancy-confirming o a-o tend to be much less likely to rely on stereotypes in their evaluations of others o e-c: acting from defensive orientation, because individuals
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