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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 7: Ageism Butler: ageism refer to stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination based on age o Typically refer to old people o Society tends to be decidedly pro-youth, anti-aging Ever since 1945, academics, policy makers, politicians focuses on baby boomers because of unique phenomenon they represent Brewer: people have a generally negative view of superordinate category older people, but have several subcategories of older people older people o When one encounters elderly, information about elderly tends to be organized in terms of these subcategories, not according to superordinate age category o Age influence how we perceive another person People think about elder in many specific ways o Schmidt & Boland had university students sort out 99 personality traits into groups o Generated 2 17-groups, subcategories organized in hierarchical structure, with cluster of negative subcategories, positive subcategories and general traits (retired, poor eyesight) o Found twice as many negative as positive subcategories o Negative: despondent, mildly impaired, vulnerable, severely impaired o Positive: John Wayne conservative, liberal matriarchpatriarch, sage, perfect grandparent Butler: 2 types of ageism: o Benign: subtle type of prejudice that arises out of conscious and unconscious fears and anxiety one has of growing old o Malignant: more pernicious stereotyping process in which elder are regarded as worthless Research suggests that Americans regard elders as warm but incompetent- lead them to treat elder with pity but not respect Ageism is one of most unnoticed and socially condoned forms of prejudice Beel: media, television portrays of elder have changed in positive ways over decades Po
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