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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Chapter 9: Reducing Prejudice The Contact Hypothesis Because people have little contact with outgroups, they feel little motivation to be accurate in their assumptions, expectations and generalizations Contact hypothesis: increasing exposure to members of various groups can increase positive evaluations of outgroup and decrease prejudice and stereotyping o Especially appeal at time of introduction because of segregation of blacks and whites in US Allports Contact Hypothesis Research indicated that 50% of interactants felt more positive about outgroup and 50% felt negative Wilner: when whites only had causal contact with blacks, only about 33% of them developed positive attitudes towards blacks o Among those whites who had many interactions and conversations with blacks, 75% reported more positive attitudes toward blacks Allport recognized that whole host of factors affect the intergroup contact context and influence whether participants emerge from situation with more positive or more negative attitudes toward outgroup He specified at least 4 fundamental criteria must be met in order for positive intergroup contact to occur: equal-status members, common goals, intergroup cooperation, support of legitimate authority Tests of the contact hypothesis Deutsch: in desegregated public housing equal status contact between white and black neighbours resulted in more favourable attitudes of white individuals toward equal housing policies Works: blacks in desegregated housing projects had more positive attitudes towards white neighbours than did segregated blacks Pettigrew: key point of confusion is that some researchers have confused factors that are essential with those what are merely facilitative i
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