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II. Evolutionary Foundations of Cultural Psychology a. Biological vs. Cultural Evolution i. Replication of Genes versus Replication of Ideas Replication of Genes o Natural Selection- evolutionary process that occurs when the three conditions are present: There is individual variability among members of a species on certain traits Those traits are associated with different survival rates Those traits have a hereditary bases o Sexual Selection- the traits that make you more advantageous in surviving and replicating your genes, basically the traits that make you more attractive in finding a mate Individual who can best attract the healthiest mate will most likely to have surviving off springs ii. Replication of ideas- Factors that cause ideas to spread 1. Communicable ideas some ideas more likely to be spread than others- culturally shared stereotypes tend to be formed based on the kinds of traits that people are most likely to communicate and for the kinds of groups that people are most likely t be talking about a. Dynamic Social Impact Theory- individuals come to influence each other and this is done based on how often individuals interact, which basically leads to like minded people that are separated by geography- cultures in other words. 2. Emotional ideas- contemporary legends- fictional stories that are told in modern societies as though they are true. o They have informational value- spread of rumorslegends can be due to ppls desire for knowledge even if the info they might be receiving is not always accurate- highly adaptive for ppl to communicate potentially useful information to each other o More likely to spread if they evoke a shared emotional reaction among ppl who are motivated to share emotions because it allows them to connect with each other- so rumorslegends that spark strong feelings should facilitate a shared connection with others 3. Minimally Counterintuitive ideas- statements that are surprising and unusual in the sense that they violate our expectations but are not too outlandish www.notesolution.com
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