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Chapter 11

PSYC14 - Chapter 11 Notes

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Sisi Tran

lbalaquiao PSYC14 CHAPTER 11 INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTIONCLOSE RELATIONSHIPS AND GROUPS OUTLINEInterpersonal Attraction Other Bases of Interpersonal AttractionSimilarityAttraction Effect Close RelationshipsFriends and EnemiesLove Groups Relations With Ingroups and outgroupsBases of Group IdentificationThe Four Elementary Forms of RelationshipsWorking With OthersDo people share the same standards of physical attractiveness around the worldHow universal are our standards of interpersonal attraction Does the nature of friendships and romantic relationships vary across culturesDo people perform better when theyre evaluated as individuals or as members of groups INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION Focal Question are there universal standards of attractiveness around the worldLooking at the way people from different cultures decorate themselves or adorn their bodies gives us a window into what they find attractiveSupport for Darwins friends observation o Despite the various different ways that humans from different cultures use to make their bodies more physically appealing there are certain universals in what humans perceive as attractive Universal characteristics of attractive faces o Clean complexionClearer skin seen as more attractive than skin that is not clear Evolutionary reasoning healthier individuals have clearer skin Blotches rashes and sores could be useful indicators about the presence of health issues parasites and disease this indicator was probably useful to our ancestors in the ancestral environment Preference for clear skin became common in our gene pool 1
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