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Supplementary Reading #4&5 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sisi Tran

Personality Culture and Subjective WellBeing DienerSubjective WellBeing SWB refers to how people evaluate their lives includes emotional reactions to events moods judgements and satisfaction with life domains marriage workSWB can be measured in various different ways surveys of feelingsmoods sampling of emotions over time and reports from familyfriendsSWB is one measure of quality of life of a society along with economicsocial indicators it is a necessary but not sufficient characteristic of a good society and of the good lifedemographic factors such as health income and educational background account for only a small amount of the variance in wellbeing measures rather it is strongly correlated with personality traitsresearchers suggest that extraversionneuroticism may provide the primary links between personalitySWB extraversionpositive affect vs neuroticismnegative affecthaving a coherent sense of ones personality and acting in accordance with that personality are positively related to wellbeinglife eventsdrastic changes have important implications for wellbeing beyond the effects of personality differences in emotional reactivity to eventsextraverts are not necessarily happier in social situations because for certain traits engaging in traitcongruent behaviour leads to higher positive affect dominant people report higher SWB when behaving in a dominant mannerAsian Americans reported higher levels of depressionanxiety that did European Americans there are differences in SWB between nations and even within nationsselfenhancement which refers to rating oneself as relatively better compared to how one rates others occurs less frequently among East Asiansthe very same freedom arising from lowered social restraints on behaviour can l
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