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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes

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Sisi Tran

Chapter 2: Cultural Evolution Manners differ across cultures as people are socialized to different sets of norms and customs o Ex. Japanese people take their shoes off as soon as they enter the house, whereas white people only take off their shoes to take showers and to sleep Norbert Elias The Civilizing Process(19391994)-people became more civilized as a growing set of rules and norms came to regulate the behaviors of people across all classes of society o Ex. In the 16 century it was viewed as unhealthy to refrain from either spitting or from passing wind. These behaviors have become less tolerated as it is no longer considered health to engage in o There transformations in manners over time are instances of an obvious fact: culture is changing o Behavior considered polite a few centuries ago would not necessarily be appropriate today. Stands of politeness, as well as many other cultural norms, have changed over generations Culture fluid and constantly changing as new ideas emerge and conditions change Where does Cultural Variation come from? To understand cultural variation have to look at the various forces that come into play: Ecological and Geographic Variation: Different environments affect the ways that people go about living their daily lives Some of the ways that physical environment affect the ways that people go about living their lives are direct o There are no large indigenous mammals in Hawaii, and native Hawaiian do not have an hunting traditions o The kinds of foods that are available within a given ecology will affect the kinds of foraging behavior that people will engage in Ecological difference can have some more indirect effects on cultures as well. Different physical ecologies do not just affect the dies of people; the different foraging behavior can also come to affect how the societies are structured and the values that people come to adopt o In a survey of the norms of masculinity across diverse ecological contexts led one anthropologist to conclude that the harsher the environment and the scarcer the resources the more man hood is stressed as the inspiration and the goal Small Differences can have Large Effects www.notesolution.com
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