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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 3 Cultural Understandings of Emotion The construct of emotions in the west Romanticism emotions came to be valued in personal like, in politics in literature and in philosophy o Rousseau first to publish the idea that religious sensibility is based on how you feel rather than on authority or scriptures education should be natural and that peoples natural emotions indicate what is right. The elements of a cultural approach to emotion Romanticism shaped out current conception and experience of emotion in the west we think emotions are both irrational and authentic aspects of the true self are products of a particular culture. Cultural approach to emotion? o Involves the assumption that emotions are constructed primarily by the process of culture o Some cultural approaches is that emotions can be thought of as roles that people fulfill to play out culture-specific identities and relationships Mesquita contends that cultural approaches focus on the practice of emotion in contrast to the potential for emotion o Potential asking whether people of different cultures, if put in appropriate experimental situation, would be capable of showing certain universal emotional responses (probably yes) o Practice what actually happens in peoples emotional lives 3 approaches that have emerged in psychologys new interest in culture: The self-construal approach: independent and interdependent selves Declaration of Independence prioritized the rights and freedom of the individual vs. Confucius emph
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