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Michelle Hislher

How do brain mechanisms of emotions work -neuroimaging, a machine monitors biochemical events in a series of conceptual slices through a person’s brain -the hindbrain controls the basic physiological processes: the medulla regulates cardiovascular activity, the pons controls human sleep the cerebellum is involved in controlling motor movement -forebrain the thalamus which is involved in integrating sensory information, the hippocampus which is critical for memory processes -the hypothalamus regulates important biological functions -forebrain also includes the limbic system, emotions like the amygdale, and the cortex which most sets the human brain apart from that of other species -frontal lobes involved in planning and intentional action -nerve messages are carried by electric and chemical signals -emotions, are more than reflexes -we need additional concepts to understand the brain mechanisms of emotion Early research on brain lesions and stimulation -sham rage cannon to propose that the cortex usually inhibits this expression -children abound with uncontrolled emotion until their cortex develops sufficiently to inhibit their lower functions -brain trauma leads to the diminished activity of the higher regions of the brain The limbic system -Maclean argued that sensory impulses from the body and outside world reach the thalamus and split into 3 main pathways -one goes to the striatal region, the stream of movement -one goes to the neocortex, the stream of thought -one goes to the limbic system with its many connections to the hypothalamus the stream of feeling -the most basic part of the forebrain is the striatal region -it is devoted to
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