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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Emotions in Social Relationships

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Gerald Cupchik

Chapter 9 Emotions in Social RelationshipsInteraction bw emotions and social relationships 2 ways of thinking 1 Emotions structure social relationships Social emotions are scripts for distinct kinds of relationships 2 Emotional responses are shaped by social relationships They vary according to our situation w friends do we have power social class Emotions within Intimate Relationships intimate relationships shaped by goals Desireloveintimate bonds John Bowlby emotions are central to intimate relationships throughout the lifespanromantic lovesocial motivations of attatchment trustprotectionaffiliation cooperation Principles of sexual loveRomantic relationshipSex desiresromantic love feelings of deep intimacyWe feel romantive love for ONE other personenduring relationshipStudy on speedating Eli Finkel menwomen interact for 2mins then rate sexual desire and chemistry for other PUnique desirechemistry are reciprocated by target personThose who felt sexual attr were rated least on desire or chemistrySexual desires are responsive to specific cues beauty strength etc Passion is shown by touch cuddling and sexual signallingIn women sexual desires peak during ovulationMore time spent together in romantic relationshipssexual desire become romantic loveSexual desire differs from romantic loveIn a study participants excluded desire 59 infatuation 82 and lust 87 from the category Love Caring 8 affection 27 Emotions in marriageToxic emotional behaviours Johm GottmanRobert Levenson 4 horsemen of the apocalypse most damaging and divorce leading behavioursCriticism high criticismlow marriage satisfactionDefensiveness and stonewalling resist or are defensive when dealing with problemsContempt expressed in sneers and eyerolls93 of couples in their longitudinal study divorced win 14years when they expressed toxic emotional bCapitalizing upon the good shelly gable share what is good in life w partnercommitment and closenessExpress appreciation and
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