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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 5Bodily Changes and EmotionIntroEmotions were originally thought to originate in the mindEmotions occurred after an emotionally exciting event which then generates bodily changesWilliam James proposed an alternative view that the body is the organ of emotionsHe proposed that bodily changes occur with the perception of an event and then our state of emotions follow after an interpretation of our bodily responsesThis view calls us to ask 5 important questions1 Is there emotionspecific activation in the autonomic nervous system2 Do bodily changes of heart rate breathing and the like support specific kinds of action such as flight or flight3 To what extent is the experience of emotion based on activation of the autonomic nervous system4 Do bodily changes produce the experience of emotion5 Is the body really the primary organ of emotional experienceThe Autonomic Nervous SystemParasympatheticHelps w Restorative processes reducing heart rateblood pressureincreasing digestive processesSympathetic Increases heart rate blood pressurecardiac outputshuts down digestive processes to help the individual to engage in physically demanding actionsAutonomic System Maintains the internal condition of the body to enable adaptive response to varying environmental eventsHow does autonomic nervous system maintain bodys inner envtIt controls processes such as digestion body fluids blood flowtemperatureClosely associated w various behaviours w direct relevance to emotion such as defensive behaviour sexual behaviouraggressionLocation The 2 branches originate in diff parts of the spinal cord Composed of both the parasympathetic and sympathetic branchesThe Parasympathetic and Sympathetic branchesParasympathetic Incorporates nerves in 2 diff parts of the spinal cord the vagus nerve at the top of spinal cordnear the bottom ofspinal cordDecreases heart rateBlood pressureIncrease Blood FlowSexual Responsefacilitates blood flow to tissue in penisclitoris Digestionmoves food through GIStimulates secretion of fluidstearssalivaSympatheticInvolves over 12 diff neural pathways at diff sites on spinal cordOpposite of the parasympathetic systemIncreases heart rate blood pressurecardiac outputIt shuts down digestive processes therefore harder to eat when stressedContractions when having orgasm
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