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Emotions ch 4five kinds of nonverbal behaviornonverbal communication Ekman organized the language of nonverbal behavior into five categories emblems nonverbal gestures that directly translate to words ex peace sign emblems vary in their meaning across cultures illustrators a nonverbal gesture that accompanies our speech and often makes it vivid and visual we make hand gestures most of the time when we speak we also make facial gestures regulators are nonverbal behaviors that we use to coordinate conversation People look and point at and orient their bodies toward people whom they want to start speakingself adaptor nervous behaviors people engage in with no seeming intention to release nervous energy there are nonverbal expressions or displays of emotion signals in the face voice body and touch that convey emotionFacial expressions of emotionsThe markers of emotional expressions several characteristics have been identified that differentiate emotional expressions from other nonverbal behavior expressions of emotions tend to be fairly brief facial expressions of emotion involved involuntary muscle actions that people cannot produce when they feel like it and cannot suppress even when instructed to do so involunt
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