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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Appraisal, Knowledge, and Experience

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G Cupchik

Appraisal An act of assessing something or someone an assessment or estimation of the worth value or quality of a person or thing 7 Appraisal Knowledge and Experience y Patient with epilepsya kind of electrical storm in the brain had an operation to separate the left side of the cortex from the right to stop the spread of epileptic disturbances y This procedure is called a split brain operation and in it the corpus callosum a large bundle of nerve fibers that connects the left and right sides of the cortex is severed y Despite the left and right cortices being no longer in communication the patients IQ personality language and ability to engage in meaningful interactions are not diminishedawarded a Nobel Prize for his research with these patients first split brain operation y Roger Sperryy If a picture or text is presented to the right side of the visual field it is processed by the left hemisphere o When anything is shown in the left visual field it is processed by the right hemisphere But with the split brain the two hemispheres do not communicate and each remains ignorant of what the other has seen o Research indicates that the right hemisphere responds more readily to the emotional content of stimuli left is more ready to interpret experience in terms of language o Whereas the y Michael Gazzaniga 1988 showed a frightening film about fire safety to the left visual field of a woman splitbrain patient o Images were not accessible to the interpretive center in the left hemisphere of her brain she was not conscious of having seen the film o Patient seems to feel fear o Right hemisphere has processed the emotional content of the film triggering anxiety and agitation y Two kinds of process first is unconscious and second automatic o Primary appraisal which is unconscious o Secondary appraisal potential conscious and gives rise to specific emotions Appraisal and emotion y What is it that gives rise to our moods and emotions For events to prompt emotions they must be evaluated or appraised in relation to the individuals goalsHistorical background and definitions y Chrysippus distinguished between what he called first movements of emotions which are automatic and second movements which are mental and which involve judgment and decision o One cannot avoid the first movements they are made simply by the body o Second movements involve thought they are more up to us stress a condition in which personal challenges exceed the individuals capacities and resources y Richard Lazaruso Produces vigilant attention and heightened activity in the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system o Short term adaptive process helping people respond to threats dangers and likely punishments with quick energetic efficiency o Long term chronic stress produced by enduring sources of tension such as pressures at work turbulent periods during marriages or financial problems that deprive one of basic necessities is dangerous o Chronic stress can lead to heart disease cancer and even cell death in the hippocampus and memory loss o There seem to be many different kinds of stress stress associated with humiliation stress associated with losing a spouse stress of positive events like starting a new career or having a childwhat accounts for differences o Lazaruss answer was the emotions o Each different kind of stress promotes a particular kind of emotion by means of a specific appraisal processes evaluative judgments or meaning 1 Emotion is a response to 2 Judgments are about ongoing relationships with the environment and whether the encounter of the environment is one of harm or benefit o Appraisals involve judgments of how good or bad an event is o Appraisals concern the individuals goals and aspirations
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