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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes

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Gerald Cupchik

Chapter 2: Evolution of Emotions - Darwin o Human emotions serve primitive functions o Showing of teeth when angry: done when man once was lower and in animal like condition - Elements of evolutionary approach to emotions o 3 parts that drive evolution 1) Superabundance • Plants and animals produce offspring necessarily merely to produce themselves 2) Variation • Each offspring is somewhat different than others, and differences passed by heredity 3) Natural selection • Characteristics that allow individual to adapt to environment are taken and disadvantageous characteristics are selected against o Selection pressures Physicals features that evolve based on social environment, that were needed to survive o Sexual selection pressures Intrasexual pressures • Same sex competition for mates • Traits that are positive (strength, beauty, intelligence) will more likely be passed onto succeeding generations Intersexual competition • When one sex picks particular traits to mate with • Women picking men of higher status o Adaption www.notesolution.com Adaption’s are genetically based traits that allows organism to respond well to section pressures and to survive and reproduce Not all traits are adaption’s, excess traits are called by-products (snoring, leg twitching) Evolution is a tinkerer, traits that acquires a new function are called exapatation • E.g, facial expressions were previously primate reflexes • Previously, flattening of ears when startled, or raising them in safety ( like humans now, raising eyebrows when greeting or flirting) - Emotions serve functions o Human traits solve survival and reproduction related problems, take advantage of opportunities o Adaption of emotions Enable rapid orientation • Directs attention to significant threats and opportunities Enable organization • Emotions coordinate cardiovascular and respiratory systems • Makes
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