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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 notes

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Gerald Cupchik

Chapter 4: Elements of Emotions - 5 kinds of non-verbal behaviour - Often, singular emotion lacks the nonverbal communication aspect 1) Emblems Nonverbal gestures that directly translate to words Two fingers up = peace ( V ^__^ ) Nonverbal meanings of emblems differ across cultures 2) Illustrator Nonverbal gesture that accompanies our speech Makes speech more vivid and visual Facial gestures included (raise of eyebrows) Moving our heads, hands or torso 3) Regulators Nonverbal behaviours we use to coordinate conversation Ppl look and point at and orient bodies toward ppl whom they speak too Look and turn bodies away form those they wish to speak to or not 4) Self adaptor Nervous behaviours ppl engage in with no seeming intention Jiggle legs, stroke chins, touch necks 5) Non verbal expressions or displays of emotion Singles of face, voice, body and touch that convey emotion - Facial expressions of emotion o Markers of emotional expressions www.notesolution.com
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