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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Prefrontal cortex- central regulator and executive control. - Has close connections with the limbic system Evidence that prefrontal cortex is involved in the regulation of emotion: 1) Damge to orbitofrontal cortex, results in patients being unable to regulate their emotional behaviour. They show emo behaviour inappropriate to the social context. They also show inappropriate self-conscious emo, which is involved in reg of social behaviour. 2) Regions of the prefrontal cortex are activated when people try to inhibit emo responses to evocative stimul- --study: involved reappraising negative phots. Reappraisal led to greater activation in sub areas of prefrontal cortex Lateralization of emo Right side is involved in the emotion processing Damage to right –difficulty in recognizing facial expressions 3 kiinds of evidence: 1) People tend to interpret the expression in terms of the part relayed to the right brain. One side of brain : right is more imp in the processing of the emotional expressions. 2) When faces are flashed on to the screen,r ecognition si better for faces flased in the left visual field. 3) Ability to detect lying and its hemispheric lateralization. Patients with damge to right cortex were worse at detecting whether people were lying For experience, there is no right-sided superiority for emo venets vs nonemo
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