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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 notes

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Gerald Cupchik

Chapter 2: approaches to understanding emotions Charles Darwin Humans are descended from other species: we are not only closer to animals than had been thought, but we ourselves are animals. Observed emotional expressions in nonhuman species, as well as in adult and infant humans (normal and abnormal) One of the first to use questionnaires One of the first to use photographs of naturalistic and posed expressions to make scientific points 2 questions that guide emotion researchers today How are emotions expression in humans and other animals? Where do our emotions come from? Concluded that emotional expressions derive largely from habits that in our evolutionary or individual past had once been useful. These are based on reflex like mechanisms. Some actions occur in modern humans whether they are useful or not, and are triggered involuntarily in circumstances analogous to those that had triggered the original habits Emotional expressions showed the continuity of adult human behavioural mechanisms with those of lower animals and with those
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