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Rethinking Epigenesis and Evolution in Light of Developmental Science.docx

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David Haley

Rethinking Epigenesis and Evolution in Light of Developmental Science – Lickliter Abstract: Notion of genes as primary cause of developmental and evolutional processes Ideas used to explain the connection bet. Devpt. And evolution critiquing instruction for building organisma reside in their genes that fenes are the exclusive vehicles by which instructions are transmitted from one generation to next and that there is no feedback from env, to genes Split of development and evolution however synthesis of devptal processes brings evolutionary change Development as describe as being programmed in the genes and evolutionarily significant changes in in programmed genes. Accounting for the phenomenon of devpt Process of development involves progression from simpler to more complex org. Development is creating something more from something less – increasing complexity across indiv.dvpt. Epigenesis (Aristotle) – idea that embryos gradually develop by the successive formation of new parts. Devpt. Viewed as emergence of new characters and traits in organized embryo from a relatively unstructured egg Preformationism (Hippocrates)– opposed epigenesist – development is s seen as growth of a preformed miniature and did not require significant qualitative change or an increase in overall complexity during course of individual’s lifetime – morphological preformationism – abandoned Epigeneticists can’t answer the question of uniqueness and complexity – e.g. egg – embryo Material predispositions for developmental outcomes Charles Bonnet (preformationist) not believe that miature adult existed ingerm cells instead potential preformationism all adult parts represented in germ. – organic particles Charles Darwin – settled on idea of pangenesis to explain inheritance of traits and guidance development across generations Cells of body grow and divide during various stages of devpt release small particles – Gemmules wc disperse throughout developing organism’s body. Gemmules corresponds to every trait and
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