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Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Chapter 2 General Principles Variables two types odependant outcome variables measures that constitute the results of the study variation in them depends on other factors oindependent variables under the control of the researcher object of the study is to find if the independent variables are the related to the variations in the dependant variable two ways of creating through experimental manipulation creating the variable of change for ex Condition 1 sound condition 2 no sound selection choosing people for the study who are at the desired levels of the variables independent variables are also known as FACTORS and the particular values that the variables take is referred to as LEVELS Validity did the study measure what it set out to measure three forms oexternal can we generalize the information to real life situations table p 14oInternalIndependent variable really relates to the dependant variable in the manner claimed If there are any other variables that aid to the difference in dependant vari
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